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2014-12-01 09:46 pm
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Trona - Dirty Pretty Picture (Tensionic Dub)

MEMORIES. I miss watching this record spin. I miss Moonshine Music. I miss Southern breaks that sounded like this. I missed Trona, but I recently found out he is making music again.

One day, hopefully early next year, I need to sit down and do a classic breaks mix with my old vinyl. This will require us getting set in a permanent place. All my music is in storage (hopefully not all warped to heck).
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2014-11-18 04:14 pm

Thesis distractions

Just finished a couple of short stories from Solaris Rising 3.

The Frost on Jade Buds by Aliette de Bodard takes place in the same universe as On a Red Station Drifting, which I loved. Ancestor worship and AIs seem to blend so well. I will track down the rest of these Dai-Viet Empire storieswhen I can. "The ship's presence in the air was dilute, like a hundred scattered droplets of water..."

Homo Floresiensis by Ken Lui is sci fi for the anthropologist, and was easy reading. Nothing groundbreaking, but it was nice to explore how an encounter with a supposedly extinct hominid group might go down. Nice to see Ken Lui dabbling in paleoanthropology.